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Jewels of Atlantis is located in Pocono, PA. We are a family owned business, our goal is to have our customers fully satisfied with the quality of our products and services. To insure the quality of our pearls we only offer high quality Akoya pearls imported from Japan. We offer a wide variety of Jewelry, Lotion Candles, Shower Bombs, Body Scrubs, Lotions as well as popular Slime. All of our home made products are non-toxic and made with natural ingredients. For any questions or concerns feel free to contact us at:

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Jewels of Atlantis GAMES

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AAA Akoya Oysters with Pearls

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925 Sterling Silver Cage Pendants

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18K Gold Plated Cage Pendants

14 products

925 Sterling Silver Mounted Jewerly

2 products

Adjustable Mounted Rings

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Pearl In A Bottle Pendants

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Key Chains

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Example Collection Title

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Soy Lotion Candles

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